Martin 000-15M Burst

$2 049.00 $1 659.00


At Telluride Music Co., we are honored to be an authorized dealer of C.F. Martin guitars. There is nothing quite like the warmth and richness of an all-Mahogany guitar. The Martin 000-15M Burst features a 14-fret 000-body with solid Mahogany top and solid Mahogany back and sides that deliver delicate warmth and evenness. It has a rosewood bridge and fingerboard, and it is setup with a bone nut and bone saddle. Its tone is rich, warm and sweet sounding, but slightly restrained, mellow and even in output. Like most all-Mahogany guitars, it accompanies voice very nicely and is great for the studio. We love the beautiful sunburst top finish on the 000-15M Burst. Please call (970) 728-9592 or e-mail for an in-hand description.