1955 Martin 000-18

$4 295.00

Refined vintage tone & aesthetics


Across the wide breadth of Martin models, there may not be a guitar that is warmer, more balanced and more comfortable in your lap than the 000-18. This 1955 Martin 000-18 (serial #145811) is in beautiful cosmetic condition with very little repair history or issues. It is lightweight, and the the slim 000-18 body fits comfortably on you lap. This one features a Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides. Its top has aged and mellowed to a beautiful deep caramel hue. Its tone is dry and warm with plenty of depth and woody richness, but the small 000 body still retains harmonic and shimmering high-end character. Its tight waist also allows for a punchy mid-range. This 000-18 sports a gorgeous Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and matching Brazilian Rosewood bridge. Apart from string changes, light setup work and fret dressing, this ’55 Martin 000-18 remains mostly unaltered since it was completed 62 years ago in Nazareth, Pa. In our opinion, ’50s 000-18s are under-valued in today’s vintage market. Pristine examples like this one can be purchased at player’s prices. Through the years, as more folks learn about these instruments and appreciate their refined, balanced tone, these wonderful small-body Martins will certainly become harder to find, especially at today’s prices. Please call (970) 728-9592 or e-mail for an in-hand description.


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