2007 Martin D-111 Ditson Dreadnought 111

$3 999.00

Stunning modern recreation of the first Dreadnought


In 1916, Martin began building “extra-large” guitars for the Oliver Ditson Co., a prominent Martin dealer of the time. These instruments included the model 111, which was essentially a 12-fret dreadnought with style-18 appointments. Although these models were not particularly popular at the time (only 14 dreadnought models sold by 1921), they would ultimately influence the development of the Martin Dreadnought—a guitar that would forever change American acoustic guitars. By the 1930s, players began using the guitar as a lead instrument, so they needed the power, projection and dynamics that only a dreadnought can produce. In 2007, Martin built a limited run of the Ditson Dreadnought 111. This 2007 D-111 Ditson Dreadnought features a 12-fret dreadnought body with a nicely matched Adirondack Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides. It is lightly braced with a lightweight pyramid bridge, so it has huge dynamic response and throaty, powerful output. As for aesthetics, it borrows heavily from traditional style-18 appointments, but the unmistakable Ditson pickguard, unique rosette and rosewood binding set this apart from most Martin models. This one is in excellent condition, and it includes an installed K&K Pure Mini pickup and a red interior/red exterior Calton case. This D-111 Ditson Dreadnought is certainly a collectible piece of Martin history. Traditional players and flat pickers will be at home with its woody tone and wide dynamic response, but its cutting, powerful output will easily suit the needs of any modern musician. Please call (970) 728-9592 or e-mail for an in-hand description.


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