2012 Josh Humphrey (JBH) BZN “Modern Bouzouki”

$2 300.00


Based in Eugene, Oregon, luthier Josh Humphrey builds exceptional instruments inspired by those of the past but pushed to a new dimension with recent design innovations. This 2012 BZN “Modern Bouzouki” produces a richly resonant, powerful tone that is faithful to the history of the bouzouki, but its design relies heavily on modern features to improve the sound and the instrument’s playability. This BZN features a redwood top and unusually-figured mahogany back and sides. Its unique wedge-shaped body and large sound-port on the side allow the soundboard to resonate free of the sound-hole so it can project evenly and clearly to the player. With a 25-1/4″ scale, this BZN produces droning, resonant tone that lends itself nicely to Celtic and traditional styles of music. The current owner installed a K&K Mandolin Twin Internal Pickup, so this one is also ready for loud jams or any stage. Overall, this is a phenomenal-sounding instrument with stunning aesthetics built by a luthier who has adopted a unique approach to the design. Please call (970) 728-9592 or e-mail for an in-hand description.


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