2014 Gibson ES-335 Studio w/ Bigsby B5

$1 399.00


Since 1958, the Gibson ES-335 has defined the sound of the semi-hollowbody archtop electric guitar, and its smooth, dynamic tone has inspired generations of players across a variety of genres and playing styles. This 2014 Gibson ES-335 offers an extremely usable interpretation of the template. Its stripped-down aesthetics give it a nice, under-stated look that lets the tone speak for itself. With a ’57 Classic P.A.F. in the neck position a Super ’57 P.A.F. in the bridge, the three-way switch provides a surprisingly wide tonal palette—from smooth, mellow and dark in the neck to sharp, snappy and bright in the bridge. Unlike traditional 335s, which have individual tone and volume controls, the ES-335 Studio has just one volume and one tone control, and each affect the tone globally, so it’s easier to manipulate the tone across the three pickup positions. This ES-335 Studio also comes set up with a Bigsby B5 vibrato installed with a Vibramate adapter that allows the tailpiece to be used without altering the guitar. It’s the perfect guitar for a Bigsby, but converting it back to a stop tail would be very easy. This 2014 Gibson ES-335 Studio is in excellent condition, and it’s ready to go on tour, spend hours in the studio, or just add something cool and different into the mix of any player’s collection. Please call (970) 728-9592 or e-mail for an in-hand description.


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